I like Always Icecream because it’s for girls only!
Daniela, 5th grader

Always Icecream does an excellent job in protecting the safety and privacy of its young members. I can highly recommend the site to parents of pre-teen girls.

Always Icecream has been certified by the PRIVO-Cert™ Safe Harbor Program to be in compliance with the rigorous standards defined in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The following steps are examples of the measures we take to improve safety for your daughter:

  • Traceable membership. Security levels improve when people can’t hide behind anonymity, but can be tracked down if need be. We require that after a short trial period every user provide a credit card, which in turn verifies that an adult knows about them joining.

  • No ads. We don’t want to depend on ads to pay for site improvements since ads lead to external sites at which we cannot control the content.

If You Choose the Learning Community Features (Optional):

  • Teaching girls how to interact safely. Parents are given the option to activate a Learning Community for their daughter where she can connect and communicate with her friends on Always Icecream. To build her internet competency in a safe manner, she is provided with guidelines and feedback on how to provide comments on the games and videos on the site and read the comments of other users.

  • Parent Reports. Log into your free parent account at any time to see your daughter's recent learning progress and any artwork she's recently created.

  • Moderated communication. Virtually all communication on Always Icecream is first reviewed by a moderator before it is published. This not only prevents divulging of personal information but also the publication of inappropriate comments.

  • Monitored media. Games and videos can provide valid entertainment for your child, and we prescreen Always Icecream content to filter out violence, sexual content, and negative role examples. Always Icecream provides a "for girls only" environment geared towards the needs and interests of 5 to 13 year-old girls. Games, videos and applications on Always Icecream are entertaining and they are thoroughly reviewed for their educational value.

  • Girls can provide feedback to the site moderators We make it easy for girls to provide feedback on inappropriate content or behavior on Always Icecream. We review and remove the content in question and reserve the right to take other steps.

  • Protected. We protect any user-generated content from becoming available to search engines such as Google.

  • Legal. Always Icecream meets or exceeds the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of January 17, 2013.

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