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  • Vocabulary Practice: English - Spanish

    Vocabulary Practice: English - Spanish

    ¡Buenos días! Boost your child's Spanish with this quiz that teaches selected words from 500 of the most important Spanish words. ¡Vámonos!
  • Musical Instruments Quiz

    Musical Instruments Quiz

    Musicians of all ages will enjoy this fast-playing visual feast. How many instruments can your child identify?
  • Word Confusion

    Word Confusion

    Your child will practice the correct spelling of over 100 frequently misspelled or confused words such as "you're" versus "your" or "aunt" vs "ant" in a fun and interactive quiz format.

    Look in the App Store for:
    Spelling Practice: Commonly Confused Words
  • Grammar: Word Types

    Grammar: Word Types

    Your child will practice identifying nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adverbs. This essential grammar skill is the foundation for more advanced grammatical concepts and will develop writing skills and reading comprehension.
  • Fun Facts Quiz

    Fun Facts Quiz

    What's the color of a polar bear's skin? What's the fastest animal on two legs? Your child will have fun learning these answers and other amazing facts with this app.

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