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She’s learning math, languages, science, the Bible, and even typing! And its all so much fun and rewarding that she can't help but succeed.
Colleen M., Always Icecream Parent

Smart Fun

For Kids

We believe that kids deserve a safe, wholesome, and fun place to learn online. Our sites offer a large selection of fun learning games, as well as creative play and safe interaction between our members.

  1. Typing
  2. Math
  3. Arts & Music
  4. Geography

Select the Grade Levels of Learning Games

With our parental controls you can choose the levels of difficulty of the learning games and videos. Parents can also choose to allow or disallow videos.
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Smart Learning

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your daughter gently reminded of a new concept she learned right as it was about to slip her mind? This is the concept behind our new Smart Learning review levels, which we've introduced across many of our learning games (as well as in our iPhone and iPad apps). Research shows practice makes perfect and to also make it fun, we reward your young learners with additional in-game currency for each review they complete.

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We Share Your Values

We believe that interactions between kids should be safe and wholesome. Communication is moderated and we enforce strict guidelines about what communication is permissible on the site. If you choose our Learning Community set of social features, your daughter can interact with other members on Always Icecream.

The Peace-of-Mind Site for All Parents

Kids want to be online. They enjoy playing games, watching videos, and do this on any electronic device at any place. With a membership on Clever Dragons or Always Icecream, you can offer all of this to your children, without having to worry about inappropriate content, advertising, mindless games, or unsupervised communication. And, your daughter can take her learning on the go with one of our many iPhone and iPad apps!

Ideal for Homeschoolers and Charter School Students

Parents choose to homeschool or send their children to charter schools for a variety of reasons, but all parents have in common that they are strongly involved in the education of their children. For families who use Always Icecream as a core part of their learning curriculum, we offer the Premium Parent account where parents can set goals for their children, systematically assess learning progress, and print reports for their children's portfolios.

Is your child enrolled in a charter school program through which you can purchase curriculum? We already work with many schools as an approved vendor. Please contact us so we can work with your school as well!

In addition to fun learning games and drills in academic subjects, parents are also given the option to choose Christian educational content and/or Jewish educational content if they want to offer this to their daughters.

Meet the Founders

Swenja Ziegler, Co-Founder Always Icecream

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